Harindu Fonseka is an entrepreneur, game developer & web developer. he's mainly working in the video game development industry and he got verified on Google at the age of 15. Harindu's first startup company starfun games was started in 2020 as Harindulk Games and he changed its name to "starfun games" in august 2022. his first game "Ghost Zone" was released in 2021 march for Android and PC and he got some downloads for that game. his second game "Bug Star" was released in 2021 December. it got the attention of a live-streamer from Australia and she live-streamed it on Twitch. also, Harindu got his first internship for 2 weeks at the age of 15. before Harindu turned age 16 he participated in over 28 Hackathons and got places in 22.
  • Won the Young Computer Scientist Competition 2022 organized by Ministry of Education Sri Lanka
  • Got Selected as the 'Best ICT Student in Sri Lanka' ( National Award )
  • 4th Place in Cutting Edge Coding Competition IIT
  • made 'Pain and Dice' Game in 48 hours
  • got first internship from 99x at the age of 15
  • made 'Poly Car' Game in 14 days
  • Won the Codeflow Hackathon - organized by the Ananda College Colombo 10
  • Bug Star Game Live-Steamed by Mish Manners and It got attension from foreign Gamers.
  • Released the Bug Star Game
  • Released Ghost zone game for Android and PC
  • Got 5th Place From Sri Lanka in INSTINCTUS 20 Innovation competition and got media coverage from TV's
  • Got 1st Place in Novus Technica 2020 - Nalanda College
  • made my first video game on October 21
  • Started 'Starfun Games' company in September
  • Released harindu.dev website on June 09
  • INNOV8 2020 - NSBM 3rd Place
  • Got 1st Place in Novus Technica 2019 - Nalanda College
  • One of my invention got selected to the top 10 inventions in Aurora 2019 organized by Ananda College
  • Participated Sri lanka's Robotic Challenge 2019 and scored 12th place
  • Participated my first ever Innovation competition 'INNOVATIVE SAINTS 2019' and got 3rd place
  • Participated my first ever robotic competition organized by Gateway College.
  • Started learning Arduino and Robotics.
  • First Invention got selected as the Most Innovative Idea - Novus Technica 2018 Nalanda College
  • Started learning MicroBit using the online playground
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